Healthy Community Trail Project

We are residents, business owners, and workers of New Orleans East who come together to develop and implement a community action plan that will value the Maxent Canal as a site for recreation and beautification in our neighborhood. Our goal is to create a healthy community through the improvement of the Maxent Canal.

The development of the trail plan:

  • embraces and highlights the neighborhood canal,
  • Creates space to share cultural traditions,
  • Creates a walking and bike trail for healthy sage environment,
  • creates pedestrian access to shopping centers, faith-based institutions, and the National Wildlife Refuge and existing canoe trails.


  • Define and prioritize possible areas of improvement
  • Create sustainable, community-based improvements that address the root causes of chronic diseases and related risk factors
  • Assess current policy systems and environmental change strategies, and offer new priorities for future efforts

Project Goals:

  • Prepare an outreach and education strategy on the benefits of the trail in the community
  • Prepare a resource inventory
  • Brainstorm trail options
  • Partnership building with various community groups to expand of the partnership base
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Identify the short and long term planning recommendations for the trail system

Community Partners

  • Bike Easy
  • FitLot
  • KidsWalk Coalition
  • Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association
  • MQVN Community Development Corporation
  • National Park Services
  • Neighborhood Partnership Network
  • University of New Orleans Urban Planning
  • VAYLA New Orleans
  • Vietnamese Initiatives & Economic Training
  • Village de l'Est Neighborhood Improvement Association
  • Willowbrook Neighborhood Association

The Trail to a Healthy Community committee hosts monthly meetings to address further steps involving with the healthy trails project on every second Wednesdays of each month.

Click here to see more designs presented by UNO Site Planning Class of Spring 2013.

Contact Information:

Erica Buher |